Do eller does?

Husk stort begyndelsesbogstav i starten af en sætning!

1. When     you get up in the morning?

2.     Patrick know your brother?

3. My mother     not work on Mondays.

4.     your parents live in London?

5. My sister and I     not like fish.

6. Some people     not like spinach.

7. Ann     not go to Brighton very often.

8. My glasses     not lie on the table.

9.     you know where my glasses are?

10. No, I     not know where your glasses are.

11. Willy     not live in New York.

12. Willy and his brother     not live in New York.

13. We     not visit him every week.

14.     Ann and Patrick visit him every week?

15.     Jenny often go to the theatre?

16. The house     not look very old.

17. The houses     not look very old.

18. Why     your car not work?