Udvidet nutid (ING-form) - øvelse 1

Klik på de ord i teksten, som indgår i en udvidet nutid (ing-form)
Eksempel: He is working very hard today.
Her skal du klikke på is og working.

1. Mary is cleaning the kitchen.

2. The parents are sitting in the living room.

3. My mother is reading the paper.

4. Bob and Susan are playing games.

5. It's early in the morning and the birds are already singing.

6. The small children are playing in the kindergarten.

7. Every day I go by bus to town, but today I am going by car.

8. What are the children doing now?

9. They are having breakfast and are watching TV.

10. John is driving his lorry.

11. Normally I work till 5 o'clock, but today I am working very late.

12. It's 9 o'clock and the children are still sleeping.