Indsæt den rigtige datidsform af verbet i parentes

1. She     the car to Manchester (drive)

2. We     him in the pub yesterday (see)

3. The little boy     alle the way home (run)

4. My sister     me a sweater for Christmas (give)

5. My grandmother     some sandwiches (make)

6. She     a lot of money in Oxford Street (spend)

7. He     up the broken glass (sweep)

8. They     a house in Marble Lane (build)

9. The nanny     an eye on the children (keep)

10. We     some new clothes from our parents (get)

11. I     to the cinema the other day (go)

12. We     some noises at the back door (hear)

13. He     Canada last year (leave)

14. The children     all the sweets (eat)

15. I was about to leave the house when the telephone suddenly     (ring)

16. He     me some old books (sell)

17. They     a lot of beer last night (drink)

18. She     some new clothes in the department store (buy)

19. My husband     me a nice cup of tea (make)

20. Yesterday I     a letter to my aunt (write)