FØRNUTID (perfektum)

Nedenstående sætninger står i datid (præteritum).

Lav dem om til førnutid (perfektum)!



The bell rang - The bell has rung

1. It was a very rainy day. It         a very rainy day.

2. We visited Mr and Mrs Hope. We         Mr and Mrs Hope.

3. I wrote a text message to him. I         a text message to him.

4. They went to York. They         to York.

5. He did some shopping. He         some shopping.

6. I heard the whole story. I         the whole story.

7. He gave her a bunch of flowers. He         her a bunch of flowers.

8. My mother sent me a mail. My mother         me a mail.

9. I forgot to post the letter. I         to post the letter.

10. Mary bought a new handbag. Mary         a new handbag.

11. The apples fell down from the tree. The apples         down ...

12. The cat drank all the milk. The cat         all the milk.

13. Camilla ate the ice cream. Camilla         the ice cream.

14. He brought me the papers. He         me the papers.

15. She had a good day. She         a good day.

16. He went to the baker's. He         to the baker's.