ING-form (udvidet nutid) - øvelse 2

Indsæt den rigtige ING-form af verbet i parentes!


I am writing a letter.

He is doing his homework.

They are playing cards.

1. The sun         (shine)

2. The children         in the garden (play)

3. What     you     for? (look)

4. What     you    ? (do)

5. I         my summer holidays (plan)

6. I can't come right now because I         the house (clean)

7. Tom         to his favourite band. (listen)

8. Mary and Susan         about their children (talk)

9. Daddy         in his favourite armchair (sit)

10. Ann         a sweater (knit = at strikke)

11. Oh, you         the new magazine? (read)

12. No, we are not at home now. We         (shop)

13. It's 10 o'clock and Tim         his car to the airport. (drive)

14. Where     you     tomorrow? (go)

15. I         to Germany (go)

16. The phone        . Can you answer it, please? (ring)