Question tags 2

'Question tags' er små efterhængte spørgsmål, som fx:
He lives in Oxford, doesn't he?
He hasn't seen our new car, has he?

Bemærk: apostroffen finder du på tasten lige til højre for bogstavet ø!
Hvis du bruger andre taster, får du fejl!

1. You can't help me with this problem,    ?

2. You are wearing my coat,    ?

3. You couldn't lend me £100,    ?

4. She didn't go to the party,    ?

5. He likes Sheila very much,    ?

6. There will be plenty of food tomorrow,    ?

7. They have just bought the house,    ?

8. No, they bought it two years ago,    ?

9. We can't afford a new car,    ?

10. You wouldn't want a car like that,    ?

11. There won't be room for 10 people in this house,    ?

12. I visited him last week,    ?