TO BE I NUTID - øvelse 2

Indsæt den rigtige form:
am, is eller are

1. These earrings     made of silver.

2. There     two yellow houses in our street.

3. This car     very quick.

4. I     very hungry now.

5. David     a student.

6. Sheila     a nurse.

7. You     very beautiful in that dress.

8. Have you talked to our new neighbours? They     from Birmingham.

9. We     watching TV now.

10. What     you doing?

11. I     working.

12. He     a very nice young man.

13. She     reading a book.

14. You and your brother     always late for school.

15. My father and I     going to London next week.

16. How old     you?

17. I     45 years old.

18. They     not at home now.

19. Our new sofa     green.

20. All the chairs     white.