ING-form bruges om det, der sker lige nu.
Almindelig nutid bruges om det, der plejer at ske.

1. What are you doing? I     our next holidays.

2. Elisabeth     dogs.

3. It     so we have to stay at home.

4. Please be quiet! I     to concentrate.

5. Boys     to play football.

6. Be quiet! I can't hear what Peter    

7. I always     the newspaper after work.

8. Today I     very hard.

9. Look! The two boys    

10. The English     a lot of tea.

11. I always     the bathroom on Saturdays.

12. The grandmother often     a story for her grandchildren.

13. I     my hair every day.

14. I seldom     to the theatre.

15. Can you tell me why all the children     down the street?

16. It's 4 o'clock in the morning and the sun