SIMPEL TID (nutid/datid)

Bemærk, at der forekommer sætninger i både nutid (præsens) og datid (præteritum)!

I nogle af boksene skal der stå to ord!

1. I     tea when she     me. (drink / call)

2. Look! Those children     in the middle of the road. (play)

3. Last night James     TV while Ann     the paper. (watch / read)

4. I know that he always     a cigarette after dinner. (smoke)

5. I     to do this job. (hate)

6. Everybody     to the speaker when I     the room. (listen / enter)

7. It's annoying that she always     to close the windows. (forget)

8. We must leave now. It     late. (get)

9. While he     breakfast, she     a bath. (cook / have)

10. We     for the bus when the car crash    . (wait / happen)

11. It normally     a lot in Bergen. (rain)

12. We     when the burglar     into the house. (sleep / come)

13. I saw that he     the kitchen,     the fridge, and     out the butter and the marmalade. (enter / open / take)

14. She always     a bath in the morning. (have)