Verber i præsens (nutid)

Indsæt den rigtige form af verbet i parentes:

1. She often     tennis (play)

2. They always     about football (talk)

3. Sandra and John     at a restaurant every Saturday (eat)

4. My husband     shopping (hate)

5. He always     TV (watch)

6. The football players     a lot of goals (score)

7. My friends and I     every Thursday (meet)

8. It often     in October (rain)

9. The Johnsons never     to their neighbours (talk)

10. Jane and her mother often     a cup of coffee in the garden (drink)

11. June     a sweater for her husband (knit)

12. My father     a lot of books (read)

13. Michael     his wife goodbye every morning (kiss)

14. My little brother     football in the afternoon (play)

15. These cars     very fast (drive)

16. The pudding     very good (taste)

17. The flowers     wonderful (smell)

18. He often     a mail to his mother (write)