Indsæt den rigtige datidsform af ordet i parentes!

1. It     two years ago (happen)

2. We     to play cards (start)

3. He     in bed all morning (stay)

4. I     to the supermarket to do some shopping (walk)

5. Jane     to me yesterday (talk)

6. This morning William     at me (smile)

7. I     to send him a postcard (remember)

8. He     in front of the big building (stop)

9. The dog     over the fence (jump)

10. It all     well (end)

11. I     my brother yesterday (call)

12. Somebody     at the door (knock)

13. They     for many hours (chat)

14. They     in building the house in only one month (succeed)

15. They     the work before noon (finish)

16. I think they     to go to New York (plan)