Læs nedenstående brev og træk de manglende ord på plads!

Dear aunt Mary,

How are you? It is almost 6 months now since we  heard  from you.
Jim has got a new  job  as an engineer on the air base only 10  miles  from  our  home. He is very  pleased  with it as it is a very interesting job.
Tom has  started  school and is very proud of his new  blue  school bag that he  got  for his birthday in June. Lisa is growing fast.  She  can almost walk by now. Tom is very fond of her and  likes  to play with her. Every day when he  comes  home from school, he tells her all  about  the things he  has  learned. She seems to  enjoy  it very much but I don't think she understands a  word .
As you know it will  soon  be my birthday so we have  invited  all the grandparents to dinner. It would be  nice  if you could come, too.
Please let me  know  which train you will come on, and I shall meet  you  at the station.

 She    about    blue    comes    enjoy    got    has    heard    invited    job    know    likes    miles    nice    our    pleased    soon    started    word    you