PRĂPOSITIONER (forholdsord) - °velse 2

VŠlg det rigtige forholdsord!

1. Can you tell me the difference     'tortoise' and 'turtle'?

2. You can always rely     me.

3. I'm tired     cooking. Can't we eat out     a change?

4. That's typical     him!

5. The house is built     stone.

6. Did you live in a tent? No, we stayed     a hotel.

7. She has lived there     10 years now.

8. You'd better be careful. Allan is     a terrible mood today.

9. Many people suffered     World War 2.

10. He suffered     a terrible disease.

11. He is very good     mathematics.

12. Can you translate that     English?

13. He is married     a beautiful young woman.

14. I don't know the solution     this problem.