PRĂPOSITIONER (forholdsord) - °velse 3

Skriv den rigtige prŠposition i boksen!

1. Air pollution is a serious threat     life on Earth.

2. He voted     the Labour party at the election.

3. The man was found guilty     the crime.

4. I'm very bad     computing.

5. Can you please inform me     the current status!

6. Paul has always been very polite     me.

7. He is an expert     Middle Eastern history.

8. Two young men were suspected     the robbery.

9. They congratulated me     my success.

10. I'm pretty sure he smiled     me.

11. Don't be jealous     the success of others!

12. We hoped     a better new year.

13. This is rather important     us.

14. I found it strange that nobody commented     the article.