Irregular Verbs 2 - Indsæt den rigtige form i præteritum (datid)!

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2  3
4          5
  78  9


  1. Now she teaches French, but 10 years ago she ___ German.
  2. The train leaves from platform 2, but yesterday it ___ from platform 3.
  3. He often draws a picture. Yesterday he ___ a new one.
  4. The hunter often shoots a hare, but last week he ___ a deer.
  5. He pays a lot of bills. Last month he also ___ his son's bills.


  1. Today he catches a lot of fish. Yesterday he only ___ a few.
  2. The cats make a lot of noise. Yesterday they also ___ a lot of noise.
  3. He often stands in front of the station, but last week he ___ in front of the supermarket.
  4. I normally wake up at 8, but this morning I ___ up at 6 o'clock.
  5. My father often lends me money. Yesterday he ___ me 50 pounds.
  6. I usually read the news on my tablet. Earlier I ___ them in the newspaper.
  7. I hardly ever win in the lottery, but last week I ___ 200 £.
  8. What she says today is not the same as she ___ yesterday.
  9. He puts his shoes on the floor. Last Monday he ___ them outside the door.

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