SUBSTANTIVER I PLURALIS (navneord i flertal) - øvelse 2

Nogle af substantiverne herunder er helt uregelmæssige, andre har mindre uregelmæssigheder.

1. She cut the apple into two    . (half)

2. Los Angeles and San Francisco are big     on the west coast of the USA. (city)

3. My     are very cold. (foot)

4. There are five     in this state. (university)

5. I think we have got     in our cellar. (mouse)

6. Many     are saved by the use of seat belts. (life)

7. In autumn the     fall off the trees. (leaf)

8. We eat a lot of     in our family. (potato)

9. Two     were arrested by the police last night. (thief)

10. Don't forget to brush your    ! (tooth)

11. These     are very sweet. (tomato)

12. Most     are closed on Sundays and bank holidays. (library)