WHO eller WHICH?

'Who' og 'which' er relative pronominer (henførende stedord)
WHO viser tilbage til personer
WHICH viser tilbage til ting eller begreber

1. The man     lives next door is from Spain.

2. She had a husband     worked in London.

3. The school,     is very old, has 700 students.

4. The man     interviewed us was very friendly.

5. Stratford is the town     Shakespeare was born in.

6. The woman     answered the phone was very kind.

7. I couldn't find the paper     I had written her address on.

8. She moved to New York,     was a great surprise to us all.

9. This is the house in     I grew up.

10. Where is the lady     ordered the taxi?

11. The film,     lasted for two hours, was very interesting.

12. Is there a shop nearby     sells flowers?